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Classically speaking, the nude male exists to illustrate the heroics of the both historical and religious figures, but in the piece Contrapposto, my goal was to place the masculine stereotype in an otherwise “feminine” landscape to contradict the themes of masculinity and femininity.



The three types of remixes are:

1) Extended remix- extending the length of a piece.

2) Selective remix- adding or subtracting information from a piece.

3) Reflexive remix- allegorizes and extends the aesthetic of sampling in a piece.

Reflexive remixes sample different parts of a piece and decontextualizes its meaning by appropriating a new meaning.

An example of a reflexive remix is Lady Gaga’s music video Applause. In the video, themes from german expressionist films such as The Cabinet of Dr. Calligari, images from Metropolis, and well known Botticelli paintings to create a new way of telling her story of how art has inspired her through out her musical career.


Drag King

Drag King

While some argue that a person’s biological sex strictly dictates the way and individual will express themselves, others believe that the ideas behind gender are societal scripts delivered to individuals based solely on the existence of sex organs.  Drag King is an artistic video piece that aims raise questions on the role of gender in our society and test whether or not those ideas hold any significance and  correlation to gender expression and sex.

“I was not ladylike, nor was I manly. I was something else altogether. There were so many different ways to be beautiful.”
― Michael Cunningham, A Home at the End of the World


Hula Exercise

Drag King Transformation Storyboard

ImageImageThis video will chronicle the transformation of a female character into a male through make up and costume changes, with still photography.



In the static composition, I arranged the letters of the mill sign to create a different word. Image

In this image, I arranged the pieces of light to create an omniscient eyeball effect in the background, while recreating a street scene. The word “swift” melts down into the street. Image

These are two compositions that were created from this original photograph of Swift Mills in Columbus, Ga. 

Post Digital


Post media and post digital are both terms that are fairly new in our vocabulary. Coined in the early 2000’s, it refers to how the artist is moving from a classically mandated, “brooding artist in a studio” persona to an updated, “coffee shop, laptop, everyman.” To some, the information age has tainted the ideals of art and what art stands for, but whether or not one agrees with the direction of the future of art, one has to understand where we come from and where we’re going. 

There comes a time when we realize that the digital age has become so integrated into almost every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s through work, education, or entertainment, we are bombarded by the digital in many different ways. By moving away from what was once considered the only way of art production to a more computerized era, it’s almost impossible for the art realm not to be affected.

I find it very interesting and exciting to see where the future of art is going. It’s not just digitizing the old, but it’s also a liberation that allows people to make and examine art in many new ways.